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hercus 260 micro switch--part No.5H295
used original micro switch used to stop the motor should the carriage get too close to the ch..
hercus countershaft pulley--part No.505A
used hercus 9 inch countershaft cone pulley "A" section V-belt 3/4" bore ..
hercus 9 v-belt a35--part No.507
NEW  35" A-section v-belt to suit all Hercus 9" lathes with vertical countershaft assembly ..
hercus 9 v-belt a51--part No.M41
NEW  51" A-section v-belt to suit all Hercus 9" lathes  Standard factory size for t..
hercus 260 motor pulley--part No.5H257
used twin motor pulley for a Hercus 260 lathe Standard size pulley bores 14mm. 5/8" or 3/..