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We are happy to ship to anyone worldwide. Only Paypal will be accepted as the mode of payment at this stage, mainly due to the ease of currency conversion and the ability to make instant refunds should they be needed. When you compose your website registration, add the website contact address (54 Peel Street, Holbrook, NSW. 2644. Australia) as your delivery address. This will allow you to complete the checkout as if you are a local. I  will pick this up during packing and get a final freight quote from UPS  or Australia Post. An additional Paypal request will be sent to you. If for some reason this is more than you want to pay, a refund of the entire sale amount will be issued to your Paypal account immediately. This the only way I can keep the freight amount as cheap as possible. Automated systems will always overcharge.

Sorry if this is a bit awkward but it is all I can offer at this stage. If for any reason you have any trouble completing an order, send me an email detailing what you want and include an afterhours landline phone number (not mobiles please)  so I can contact you directly should something need to be clarified. Unfortuneately this is only available for English speaking countries. Please be aware that your machine indentification i.e. make, model and serial number must be supplied, 

                                                                              Mal            email: mconomy@optusnet.com.au