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We are happy to ship to anyone worldwide. Only Paypal will be accepted as the mode of payment at this stage, mainly due to the ease of currency conversion and the ability to make instant refunds or payment requests, should they be needed. When you compose your website registration, add a second website contact address (54 Peel Street, Holbrook, NSW. 2644. Australia) as your second address. When you complete the checkout of your shopping cart you will be asked twice for an address. In the first case, select your local address and in the second case, choose the Australian address. Choose standard postage as your shipping option. This will have the effect of making the website think you are a local buyer. I will pick this up during packing and get a final freight quote from UPS  or Australia Post. An additional Paypal request or refund will be sent to you. Obviously you will not have to pay our local GST tax, so that will be taken into account in the final calculation. If for some reason you decide this is more than you want to pay, a refund of the entire sale amount (less a $0.30 Paypal fee) will be issued to your Paypal account immediately. This the only way I can keep the freight amount as cheap as possible. Automated systems will always overcharge. In most cases, if the parts aren't over 5kg in weight,  the total of the GST and postage will be enough to cover the final shipping.

See graphic checkout proceedure, http://australianmetalworkinghobbyist.com/store/image/data/checkout.jpg

 Please be aware that your machine indentification i.e. make, model and serial number must be supplied, as I want to make sure you get the right part.

                                                                              Mal            email: mconomy@optusnet.com.au