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Terms & Conditions

Please if you are the owner of a Hercus lathe, please supply us with the model and serial number of your machine and a full frontal photo if possible. This enables us to supply the correct generation of part for your machine. These numbers are stamped on top of the righthand end of the machine's bed about 10mm in from the end on the rear flat between the vee ways, they also appear on the tailstock (except for very early machines) and are stamped on the thread-feed  plates of the gearbox or the gear plate on the lefthand gearcover in the case of the "B" and "C" models. If all are matching only one is needed, if not, all would be helpful. Please note this information is for inhouse use only and is not displayed for public viewing or shared in any way without your express permission. While this is not a condition of sale, it would be much appreciated.

Purchasers of secondhand goods on this site should be aware that while we don't sell worn out parts they are used . The photos taken for the adds are of a neat fully painted part, which has taken more time to repaint than would by practical without increasing the price to unacceptable levels. Tooling from overseas be it China, India, USA or UK etc are all of good quality manufacture.

We take no responsibilty for goods sold by private individuals via the "PRIVATE SALES SECTION" on this site, although we make space available for private sales, we charge no commissions for this service and  we have no means of verifying the honesty of the individual sellers and don't have the option of inspecting their goods. As we can inspect the  machinery we  sell ourselves there is a 14 day money back guarantee. Buyers from this section need to make direct contact with the seller not AMH when paying and obtaining any information regarding these purchases.

overseas purchasers please pay in AUD, be aware all fees involved in fund transfers and currency exchange are at the buyers expense, check with your bank and make sure you are aware of all fees. You will be refunded any local sales tax (GST) that is charged during the purchase.

Although losses during delivery are extremely rare, this site cannot afford to take responsibilty for goods lost in transit, if you want insurance or registered mail delivery (see the Australia Post website for details) you must pay the difference between that and normal postage fees.

Please be aware that the safe operation and maintenance of your machine is up to you and we accept no responsibilty or liabiity for financial loss or personal injury caused by poor maintenance or operating proceedures.  Due to OH&S regulations, details of any electrical wiring arrangements cannot be supplied by us and the advice of a qualified professional should be sought.

Your purchasing of goods through this site is confirmation that you have read these conditions and have agreed to be bound by them.

We do not accept cash payments to avoid GST, so don't ask.