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Sheraton 9" Inch

There is no specific supplier of parts for these machines, former supplier Robbie Rogers has no remaining parts for these size machines and has asked me to remove his contact number. Fortuneately most Hercus parts will fit these machines. 



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1/2 inch  5 PIECE INDEXABLE LATHE TOOL SET---part No.23000
Hercus 9 turret attachment
Used genuine Hercus 9" turret attachment complete and in working order this part sol..
New hercus way felts--part Nos.16, 5H708
new Hercus 4 piece way wiper sets Hercus made genuine part to suit hercus 9", 260, crafts..
Hercus apron handwheel--part Nos.26 or 5H633
used Hercus 260 apron handwheels with handle in good used condition also suits hercus  9..
Hercus A model felt rebuild kit
Felt rebuild kit for the Southbend 9a, Hercus 9a, sheraton 9a please have a look at the south..
hercus 9 lathe 7 3/8" faceplate--part No.160
for sale is an original  Hercus 9" lathe cast iron faceplate 7 3/8" diameter threade..
hercus 9 lathe 4 inch chuck backing plate--part No.amh160a
AUSTRALIAN MADE 4" cast iron backing plate threaded 1 1/2 X 8tpi to suit Hercus 9", S..
oilers / hercus oil hole cover--part No.89, 5H112
NEW oil hole covers for Hercus 9" and 260 lathes 1/4" press fit  price is for 2 ..
hercus tumbler gear assy
used reverse tumbler assy to suit hercus 9" lathe complete with all gears except the 20 tooth..
hercus leadscrew gear--part No.362
NEW 20 tooth leadscrew gear genuine part suit hercus 9inch "A" model sheraton 9, sout..
Hercus 9 lathe, 5 inch chuck backing plate--part No.amh160b
New stock currently being made. ustralian made 5 inch cast iron chuck backing plate threa..
imperial compound spindle nut--part Nos.amh36, amh5H752
new  bronze imperial compound spindle nuts to suit Hercus 260 or 9" fully australian mad..
hercus 260 or 9 inch saddle lock--part Nos.5h705,5H706,19, 42
 hercus 260 or 9" carriage lock- cast iron body, steel screw will also fit  sherato..
Hercus lantern toolpost wedge, half moon--part No.5H795, 54
NEW Australian made half moon, wedge insert for Hercus or South bend lantern-american toolpost ..
New Hercus lantern thick toolpost wedge, half moon--part No.5H796, 54B
New Hercus lantern thick toolpost wedge--part No.5H796, 54B ..
Hercus 54/18 compound gear--part No.amh5H805
 hercus 54/18 compound gear to suit Hercus, sheraton, southbend 9" or hercus 260 ..
NEW hercus bullgear pin--part Nos.5H118, 86
NEW bullgear pin  genuine Hercus made part new retaining clips also listed  ..
used or refurbished  hercus 9 bullgear--part No.71
used or refurbished bullgear for Hercus 9" lathe all models good working order ..
NEW hercus 45/18 compound gear--part No.5H806
 NEW hercus 45/18 compound  gear to suit Hercus, sheraton, southbend 9" or hercus 2..
hercus 9 or 260 toolpost set screws--part No.amh5H782
 set of 8   NEW set screws for the Hercus 4 way toolpost with original 3/..
hercus 100/127 compound gear set---part Nos.143,144,144, 145a
Australian made to suit the Hercus 9" lathe includes 100t and 127t gears, bush, key and s..
Hercus 9 or 260 imperial cross slide spindle nut (bronze)---part Nos.22, 5H725
Hercus 9 or 260 imperial cross slide spindle nut (bronze)---part Nos.22, 5H725 a cast iron ve..
hercus 36/18 compound gear--part No.amh5H807
HERCUS 36/18 compound gear  genuine part to suit Hercus 9, 260, Sheraton, South bend..
NEW hercus handwheel pinion gear--part Nos.47, 5H631
NEW apron handwheel pinion gear genuine Hercus part suits all 9" and 260 models this ..
120/127 compound gear
New 120/127 compound idler gear  7/8" bore original large format Metric to imperial ..
hercus 63/64 compound gear
hercus lathe 63-64 compound idler gear AUSTRALIAN MADE 5/8" bore, fits on standard idler ..
 Hercus 9 lathe 4-way toolpost--part No.amh4W9a
New Hercus 9 lathe 4-way toolpost--part No.amh4W9a made in Australia  by AMH to suit the..
burnerd 6 inch 4 jaw independant lathe chuck--part No.23015
12mm 4 piece turning set---part No.23001
12mm 4 piece turning set---part No.23001 includes 10 - DCNTT070204 carbide inserts 1 ..
South Bend/ Hercus/ Sheraton 9 repair manual 2008--part No.sbm
A GUIDE TO RENOVATING THE 9" LATHE published 2008 86 pages of clear pictures, instruction..
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NEW Hercus 72 tooth change gear--part No.5H872
NEW 72 tooth change gear 3/8 thick, 9/16 bore and 1/8 keyway 18dp, 14.5 pa genuine pa..
hercus 9 and 260 way felt retainers--part Nos.amh16A, amh5H709, amh5H710
NEW stainless steel way felt retainers set of 4 9" or 260   ..
NEW hercus 9c  imperial cross slide spindle--part No.amh46
BRAND NEW hercus 9  model C imperial models only     ..
NEW Hercus metric cross slide spindle nut--part Nos.935, 5H726
NEW Metric cross slide spindle nut cast iron for hercus 9" & 260 All metric Model..
hercus 80 tooth change gear--part No.5H880
80 tooth change gear to suit Hercus, sheraton, southbend 9" or hercus 260 genuine used h..
hercus 260 and 9 80t idler gear--part Nos.5H802, 98, 98a
  hercus 260 and 9 80t idler gear--part Nos.5H802, 98, 98a   80 tooth idler..
hercus 9 repair kit
This manual, gasket and felt kit are for the South Bend 9" which the Hercus was a clone of. A..
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Hercus 9 or 260 idler gear bolt set--part No.104, 111, 5H585, 5H586
Used Hercus compound idler gear bolt, bush, washer and nut suits 9" and 260 models a..
NEW Hercus imperial thread chasing dial--part No.5HA51
NEW Hercus imperial thread chasing dial--part No.5HA51 This is made by both F.W.Hercus and AM..
72/18 compound idler gear--part Nos.101,103, 5H804
used hercus 72/18 compound gear set in excellent condition ..
260 or 9 inch half nut handle--part Nos.5H611, 29
used Hercus 260 and 9" halfnut engaging handle in good condition. both "A" , "B" and "C"..
hercus C model felt rebuild  kit--part No.9cfk
This kit originally designed for the Southbend 9 will also suit the Hercus 9 "C" model please..
hercus bullgear pin retaining clip--part Nos.5H119, 87
new retaining clip for hercus bull gear pin fits all models 9" and 260 see location photo..
NEW Hercus plain carriage stop --part No.5HA77
NEW  Hercus plain carriage stop--part No.5HA77 cast iron Australian made, raw castin..
NEW hercus 9 imperial gearbox- 3rd cone gear 19 teeth--part No.amh323
NEW hercus imperial gearbox- 3rd cone gear 19 teeth steel made by amh to replace the Hercus p..
NEW Hercus 260 thread cutting stop--part No.amh5HA53
NEW Hercus 260  thread cutting stop--part No.amh5HA53 Fully Australian made list pri..
NEW hercus 9 imperial gearbox- 4th cone gear 20 teeth--part No.amh324
NEW hercus imperial gearbox- 4th cone gear 20 teeth made in Australia by AMH to replace the o..
hercus 9 or 260 imperial thread chasing dial--part No.5HA51
Used HERCUS 9” or 260 lathe IMPERIAL THREAD DIAL  thread dial is in good condition, th..