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South Bend 9" Inch

Note: " The parts listed in the below category were originally intended from a Hercus lathe but fit and function correctly on a Southbend 9" (inch) Lathe"
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1/2 inch  5 PIECE INDEXABLE LATHE TOOL SET---part No.23000
Hercus 9 turret attachment
Used genuine Hercus 9" turret attachment complete and in working order this part sol..
NEW hercus 9 or 260 lathe tumbler gear-reverse twin gear--part Nos. amh5H171, amh94
 BRAND NEW made in Australia to suit Hercus lathes 32 tooth reverse tumbler gear for..
Hercus 54/18 compound gear--part No.amh5H805
 hercus 54/18 compound gear to suit Hercus, sheraton, southbend 9" or hercus 260 ..
Hercus change gear guard bracket --part No.107
Used Hercus change gear guard bracket and fittings as shown in good condition suits all 9..
Hercus 9 or 260 imperial cross slide spindle nut (bronze)---part Nos.22, 5H725
Hercus 9 or 260 imperial cross slide spindle nut (bronze)---part Nos.22, 5H725 a cast iron ve..
hercus 9 lathe 7 3/8" faceplate--part No.160
for sale is an original  Hercus 9" lathe cast iron faceplate 7 3/8" diameter threade..
hercus 9 inch back gear--part No.72
Used or refurbished Hercus 9" lathe back gear   ..
hercus 80 tooth change gear--part No.5H880
80 tooth change gear to suit Hercus, sheraton, southbend 9" or hercus 260 genuine used h..
NEW hercus 45/18 compound gear--part No.5H806
 NEW hercus 45/18 compound  gear to suit Hercus, sheraton, southbend 9" or hercus 2..
hercus leadscrew gear--part No.362
NEW 20 tooth leadscrew gear genuine part suit hercus 9inch "A" model sheraton 9, sout..
hercus C model felt rebuild  kit--part No.9cfk
This kit originally designed for the Southbend 9 will also suit the Hercus 9 "C" model please..
hercus 9 lathe 4 inch chuck backing plate--part No.amh160a
AUSTRALIAN MADE 4" cast iron backing plate threaded 1 1/2 X 8tpi to suit Hercus 9", S..
hercus 36/18 compound gear--part No.amh5H807
HERCUS 36/18 compound gear  genuine part to suit Hercus 9, 260, Sheraton, South bend..
Hercus lantern toolpost wedge, half moon--part No.5H795, 54
NEW Australian made half moon, wedge insert for Hercus or South bend lantern-american toolpost ..
Hercus A model felt rebuild kit
Felt rebuild kit for the Southbend 9a, Hercus 9a, sheraton 9a please have a look at the south..
NEW hercus 9 or  260 saddle gib---part No.18, 5H702
hercus 9 or  260 saddle gib---part No.18, 5H702 genuine part ..
used or refurbished  hercus 9 bullgear--part No.71
used or refurbished bullgear for Hercus 9" lathe all models good working order ..
imperial compound spindle nut--part Nos.amh36, amh5H752
new  bronze imperial compound spindle nuts to suit Hercus 260 or 9" fully australian mad..
120/127 compound gear
New 120/127 compound idler gear  7/8" bore original large format Metric to imperial ..
NEW Hercus imperial thread chasing dial--part No.5HA51
NEW Hercus imperial thread chasing dial--part No.5HA51 This is made by both F.W.Hercus and AM..
NEW hercus bullgear pin--part Nos.5H118, 86
NEW bullgear pin  genuine Hercus made part new retaining clips also listed  ..
Hercus 9 lathe, 5 inch chuck backing plate--part No.amh160b
Australian made 5 inch cast iron chuck backing plate threaded 1 1/2" X 8tpi to suit hercu..
hercus 100/127 compound gear set---part Nos.143,144,144, 145a
Australian made to suit the Hercus 9" lathe includes 100t and 127t gears, bush, key and s..
oilers / hercus oil hole cover--part No.89, 5H112
NEW oil hole covers for Hercus 9" and 260 lathes 1/4" press fit  price is for 2 ..
South Bend/ Hercus/ Sheraton 9 repair manual 2008--part No.sbm
A GUIDE TO RENOVATING THE 9" LATHE published 2008 86 pages of clear pictures, instruction..
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BRAND NEW hercus tailstock locking lever--part No.amh5H91, 5
BRAND NEW hercus tailstock barrel locking lever   fits all 9" and 260 tailstocks and..
NEW Hercus 72 tooth change gear--part No.5H872
NEW 72 tooth change gear 3/8 thick, 9/16 bore and 1/8 keyway 18dp, 14.5 pa genuine pa..
burnerd 6" 4 jaw independant lathe chuck
 Hercus 9 lathe 4-way toolpost--part No.amh4W9a
New Hercus 9 lathe 4-way toolpost--part No.amh4W9a made in Australia  by AMH to suit the..
NEW hercus A and B model imperial cross  slide spindle--part Nos.5H731, 383
BRAND NEW Hercus imperial cross slide spindle 100% Australian made for power cross fe..
NEW hercus handwheel pinion gear--part Nos.47, 5H631
NEW apron handwheel pinion gear genuine Hercus part suits all 9" and 260 models this ..
headstock cone pulley--part No.506
used Hercus 9 inch headstock cone pulley excellent condition ..
hercus 63/64 compound gear
hercus lathe 63-64 compound idler gear AUSTRALIAN MADE 5/8" bore, fits on standard idler ..
Hercus tailstock clamp bolt and nut- early model 3/4 spanner drive
Hercus 9 tailstock clamp bolt and nut- early model 3/4 spanner drive 7/16 whitworth (bsw) thr..
hercus 260 and 9 80t idler gear--part Nos.5H802, 98, 98a
  hercus 260 and 9 80t idler gear--part Nos.5H802, 98, 98a   80 tooth idler..
hercus countershaft pulley--part No.505A
used hercus 9 inch countershaft cone pulley "A" section V-belt 3/4" bore ..
hercus 9 and 260 way felt retainers--part Nos.amh16A, amh5H709, amh5H710
NEW stainless steel way felt retainers set of 4 9" or 260   ..
72/18 compound idler gear--part Nos.101,103, 5H804
used hercus 72/18 compound gear set in excellent condition ..
260 or 9 inch half nut handle--part Nos.5H611, 29
used Hercus 260 and 9" halfnut engaging handle in good condition. both "A" , "B" and "C"..
NEW Hercus metric cross slide spindle nut--part Nos.935, 5H726
NEW Metric cross slide spindle nut cast iron for hercus 9" & 260 All metric Model..
hercus tumbler gear assy
used reverse tumbler assy to suit hercus 9" lathe complete with all gears except the 20 tooth..
Hercus apron handwheel--part Nos.26 or 5H633
used Hercus 260 apron handwheels with handle in good used condition also suits hercus  9..
New Hercus lantern thick toolpost wedge, half moon--part No.5H796, 54B
New Hercus lantern thick toolpost wedge--part No.5H796, 54B ..
Hercus 9 or 260 idler gear bolt set--part No.104, 111, 5H585, 5H586
Used Hercus compound idler gear bolt, bush, washer and nut suits 9" and 260 models a..
NEW hercus 9c  imperial cross slide spindle--part No.amh46
BRAND NEW hercus 9  model C imperial models only     ..
NEW hercus 260 or 9 inch saddle lock--part Nos.amh5h705,amh5H706,19, amh42
 NEW hercus 260 or 9" carriage lock- cast iron body, steel screw will also fit  she..
hercus change gear guard--part No.106
used change gear cover for all hercus 9" lathes photo is of my cover (which is not for sale) ..
hercus  260 spindle thread cover--part No.amh5H1091
  This NEW cover threaded for  the Hercus 260 protects the spindle thread from ..
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